Olivia's Poems


On The Farm (Couplet)

I went to a farm one day.

Then I ran into some hay.

On the farm there was a cow that went moo.

In the hayloft lived a bird that went coo.

I was in a pond filled with frogs.

Then one frog jumped up on a log.

Watermelon (Imagery)

It was a hot summer day when i went to my garden.

I saw a bright green watermelon laying on the ground in

the dark brown dirt.

The I went back to the house and cut it open.

You could see the beautiful seeds and it was bright red.

When you take a bite of the watermelon the juice drips down your face because

it is big and juicy!

When you slice your watermelon with your fork the fork slides right

through your watermelon.

So when you eat your watermelon its is so soft it disappears in your mouth.

Old Shoe (Limerick)

There was an old shoe

That got stuck in a pile of glue

Then I used my sock

To unlock the lock

Then my toe got stuck in the door and it turned blue.

Thursday (Simile & Metaphor)

I arrive at home from school.

I vanish to go feed my cats

Then I appear in my moms car and we drive to Salina.

We stop at Wendy's.

I usually get a baked potoato with sourcream and butter.

The sourcream is snow, because it is absolutley white.

My mom takes me to dance.

My dancing is as delicate as a feather blowing in the sky.