Camp Bernie

You Will Want to Come After Reading This!


Camp Bernie has many fun activities. One is climbing tower. You may think your going to climb it with nothing on you. But the staff members help you wear a vest like thing, except on your waist. The easiest is the slant wall and the hardest is the chimney wall. Another one is archery. It's not dangerous or harmful. The staff members teaches us how to hold the bow and how to shoot the arrow. Bulls-eye! There is also a low ropes course. It's just like an obstacle course. There are hard ones and easy ones. You can also find tiny organisms at the stream ecology. I hope it isn't polluted!


Where am I going to sleep? Cabins obviously! There are a total of 7 cabins. Jaqua, Turrel, Lenape, Hickory, Oak, Maple, and Birch. The largest cabin is Jaqua. Each cabin has bunk beds to sleep on. Oak and Hickory are rumored to be haunted, but that is false. Time to sleep!

Food Conditions

The food quality is awesome! To eat, we go to a dining room next to the pavilion. They also have a salad bar near the chapel, which is downstairs. We get to choose the food in there. There are cruisers who get the food in trays to the table. Usually, there is a different style of giving food, but this time we had to serve the tables. 100% food quality!