by:morgan evans

The four fronts:

  • occluded front: This front happens when two cold fronts converge on a warm front and pushes it upwards.they carry rain when the front comes.
  • Stationary front:Cold and warm mass meets together but doesn't have the force to move each other they face each other in the stand off.
  • Warm front: Is warm and less dense and is warmer than a cold front ,moving warm mass collides with a slowly moving cold air mass.
  • Cold front: It occurs when a rapidly moving cold air mass runs into a slowly warming air mass because cold air is denser than warm air so the cold air mass remains close.

What does Front mean?

Front: means when two air masses meet is called a front.

How the fronts are formed:

  • Occluded front forms:When a warm air mass is caught between two cold air masses.The warm air mass is rises and cools down and the cold air pushes up and they meet together and cant push each other.
  • Warm front forms:Forms when a moist, warm air mass slides up and over a cold air mass.
  • Cold front forms:Forms when a cold air mass pushes under a warm air mass, forcing the warm air to rise above.
  • Stationary front forms: Forms when warm and cold air meet and neither air mass has the force to move the other.

What weather and clouds do these fronts bring?

  • Occluded fronts bring:The temperature drops as the warm air mass is occluded and Can bring strong winds and heavy precipitation and cumulonimbus clouds.
  • Warm fronts bring:A warm front brings gentle rain or light snow, followed by warmer, milder weather brings cirrus clouds and cumulonimbus.
  • Cold fronts bring: cool weather follows as the cold air front goes in and brings stratus and cumulonimbus clouds.
  • Stationary fronts bring: Can bring many days of clouds and precipitation they bring stratus or cumulonimbus