Once Upon a Dream!

Ridley Pearson Page One, Inc. 2005 325 pages

Character Description

Finn Whitman- An Orlando teen working as a DHI (Disney Host Interactive or Daylight Hologram Imaging) at Walt Disney World in Florida. The leader of the DHIs.

Terry Maybeck- Also an Orlando teen working as a DHI at Walt Disney World. Works at a pottery shop with his mom. The computer genius of the group.

Willa- Another DHI at Disney World. The brains of the 5 DHIs.

Philby- Another DHI at Disney World.

Charlene Turner- The last DHI at Disney World.

Wayne- The man that works at Disney World that guides the 5 DHIs through the mission.

Maleficent- The leader of the villain group, the Overtakers.

Jez/Jess- Amanda's sister and someone over Maleficent's spell.

Amanda- Jez/Jess's sister and someone who helps Finn find some other DHIs.

Plot Summary

Finn Whitman, asleep, suddenly appears in Disney World after the park has closed. There is a strange man sitting on a bench. He says that there are 5 like him, DHIs (Disney Host Interactive), that need to stop the Overtakers from taking over Disney World and possibly the entire world. Suddenly Finn sees Goofy and Chip and Dale. The next day, Finn tries to find more DHIs. He only finds 1. That is when Charlene comes in. That night, Finn, Charlene, and Philby all cross over to Disney World. The pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean come alive and start attacking Finn. He gets a burn from a laser gun. The next day, Finn meets Amanda. She is a fan of the DHIs. They both end up finding the rest of the DHIs. They all go into a game called VMK, or Virtual Magic Kingdom. They all agree to find a time to cross over together. That night, all 5 of them cross over to Disney World. They are sitting in a teepee, unseen, and they get their first glimpse of Maleficent, the leader of the Overtakers. She eventually leaves, and they all know who their enemy is. The next day is the Fall Games, a competition between all schools. They decide to talk there, because all of their schools are competing. Again, they meet that night and continue to try figure out The Stonecutter's Quill, a poem and a riddle that they need to figure out to defeat Maleficent. As they try to figure out the riddle, Maleficent gets stronger and stronger. They all go on rides and find different letters on them. The letters are P, M, S, N, E, Y, F, T, I, and R. They take all the letters and find the clue "MY FIRST PEN". They go to a museum and steal Walt Disney's first pen. They use the pen and destroy Maleficent forever and take Jez out of the spell she was in.


The conflict is that Maleficent is out to get the DHIs and that she wants to destroy them so she can rule Disney World.

Title Explanation

I think that Ridley Pearson called this book Disney After Dark because the kids in the book are crossing over to Disney World at night, or after dark. If I were to name this book something else, I would name it Terrifying Disney: The parts of Disney World You Never Knew About. I would name it that because the story really is a little terrifying, and you wouldn't really think that something like that could happen, even in a fiction book.

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