K-8 and English Learners

What is it?

A minilesson is a short 15 to 30 minute lesson on different literacy strategies. The teacher introduces a topic and connects it to the reading or writing strategy that the students are learning. Then provides information to the students, and supervises the students as they practice what has being modeled.

Why is it important?

Minilessons show the students how to actually use the strategy as opposed to just lecturing at the students. The teachers must actively engage students, encourage and scaffold them while they're learning and gradually withdraw support as the students continue learning. This is a way for the teacher to immediately assess their learning.

Importance for English Learners:

Students who are learning english need extra one-on-one practice more so than students who already speak english. Therefore, students who are ELL can work in small groups for direct instruction minilessons. Small groups allow the students to have supervised practice while they are learning to not only speak, but also read and write.

Steps for the instructional strategy:

Reading Minilesson