February 8, 2016

Message from Dr. Bays

Floresville Family,

Throughout this school year, several times a month on social media and our FISD web site, I recognize a staff member who has Crossed the Line with their hard work, commitment, focus and resiliency. We also share what we call an elevator speech, which I spoke of at our Back to School Convocation in August. An elevator speech is something you would say to somebody if you had 30 seconds to brag on what you, your campus, our district or public education has accomplished. In an effort to make sure these positive and inspiring stories reach as many people as possible, and knowing that not every one of you are on social media, it was suggested that at the end of every month, I share these recognitions through a district email. Below you will find links to the most recent stories:

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/540047 Making Great First Impressions – Ramona Ortiz and Eloise Medina

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/529302 Karissa Jarzombek and Kindness

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/534687 FISD Healthy and Happy

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/524176 Floresville Reads Millions and Gets Smarter in the Process

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/520434 FISD Teamwork

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/540167 Gaylyn Penlerick Going the Extra Mile

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/540170 Creating a Special Learning Experience at FNE Tricia Jarzombek & Valerie Enrique

http://www.fisd.us/apps/news/article/540171 Ben Reed Helping Children and Families

We have many great stories to tell and as public school educators we have so much to be proud of at FISD. Each and every one of you play a role that is critical to our students’ success.

Brick House-Lifeguard

Stephanie Kirtland sent the following:

I have emailed 15 parents today about missing work on the ICU list. I have received 7 parent emails back since this morning. All parents were supportive and thanked me for notifying them. FMS is a great place to be.

Reads Millions

The total minutes read as of the end of January is

2,135,236. Woo Hoo!

The next Reading incentive will be combined with the ICU list and the date has been set for Thursday, March 10th. More details to come next week.

Spreading Sunshine Spring Semester

The Spring Sunshine events:

February 19th-Spring Silent Auction

March 11th-St. Patrick's Day Celebration- Bring your favorite snack.

April 22nd: Fiesta-Chalupa Luncheon

June 2nd: Luncheon and Staff Awards

Career Day-February 19th

Thank you for those who have given names of presenters for Career Day. Career day will be held on Friday, February 19th in the morning. Continue to assist Mrs. Pfeil and Mrs. Nieto in finding speakers.

Fabulous Fridays

We all know that February is an unusually long month even though is it is one of the shortest month. So, to help with the long stretch, the administrators have planned some special Friday events for you to ENJOY! Please feel free to participate in any/all activities and have fun.

February 12th: Float Away! Ice Cream and Sodas to make your favorite ice cream float! Come and join us during lunch.

February 19th-Drinks on Us!: Sodas and cookies will provided during the lunch time.

February 26th: Gifts for All! Bring a $5 gift card to exchange . We will throw them in a basket and everyone who participates will get a $5 gift card. It's a Win-Win so Get Creative!!! There will also be a gift card thrown in that is more than $5.

Spotlight Member of the Week: Kathleen DeLaGarza

From a staff member: You drove in to Floresville from San Antonio on a Saturday to watch some of your students play basketball in the Spurs League. The students and parents appreciated you taking time out of your weekend to do this.

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales.

Picture and Caption-Week of February 8-Laura DaLuz

Submit your picture and caption( 2 to 3 sentences) to Valerie Elias and Kim Cathey no later than Thursday, February 11, 2016.

Concession Stand-Thursday, February 11-Steve Williamson

Get cash box and Pizza from Mrs. Elias

School Events

February 8

February 9

February 10-STAAR Confidentiality Training 7:20am

February 11 Jaguar Basketball vs. Kingsborough l 8th (H); 7th (A)

February 12-Float Away Friday-Join us at Lunch for Ice Cream Floats

On the Horizons

February 15-Staff Development/Student Holiday

February 16-Benchmark Test-7th Grade Writing; 8th Math

February 17-Benchmark Test-8th Grade Reading

February 19-Career Day/Special Pop Forms Due

February 20- Band Solo/Ensemble Contest; UIL Academics-Boerne

February 21-Band Spaghetti Dinner