Changing the Game With Nearpod

The Interactive Presentation Program


  1. Click on the Blended Learning Nearpod Lesson below.
  2. Complete the lesson.
Bellwork Nearpod: What is Blended Learning?

Click on the button to learn more about Blended Learning. If prompted, use the code IOCBS.

Why Nearpod?

Nearpod is an amazing tool that is available on any web-enabled device. It's a slide presentation on steroids that YOU, the teacher, control.

With the capability to gather information, formally assess your students, move non-linearly through your lesson, track student participation, and by allowing your students to use the tools their drawn too, Nearpod is a must have in any classroom.


  1. delivers instruction on the screens that matter most in a 1:1 class, not just the one a teacher has access to,
  2. transitions instruction to a learning activity, not just a teaching activity,
  3. creates a safe environment for students because knowledge and insights can be shared anonymously,
  4. liberates you from the front of the room and allows you to be where the learning goes on (makes for a great classroom management tool too),
  5. reports help you to
    • know the effectiveness of instruction (instead of estimating it by test results)
    • do informed differentiation
    • reduce the need of more formative testing
    • show accurate data on student progress in parent-teacher meetings
  6. uses existing learning resources (Powerpoints, video's, questions, websites etc) to build engaging learning activities that help you step up the SAMR ladder without you even trying

(This list created by Fons van den Berg - Nearpod Pionear)

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  • Participants will create a Nearpod account using Office 365 SSO.
  • Participants will discuss and explore ways Nearpod can elevate student learning through:

-MIMO ( Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs)

-Formative Assessment (Real Time)

-Student Equity

  • Participants will evaluate the data and reports collected by Nearpod.
  • Participants will choose Nearpod Features they want to learn more about. (Slide in Nearpod as a Draw It feature)
  • Participants will search the library and add a FREE lesson that they could use in the upcoming 9 weeks.

Success Criteria:

I will know I am successful if I can:

  • Identify the difference in Student and Teacher Paced lessons.
  • Define MIMO (Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs) and they are used to increase student learning.
  • Explain the multiple assessment options available in Nearpod.
  • Explain how Nearpod brings student equity to my classroom.
  • Evaluate the data and reports collected by Nearpod.
Teacher Paced Lesson: Changing the Game with Nearpod

Interact with Nearpod as student while instructor demonstrates Teacher Paced Lesson: WDHUY

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Nearpod Exploration

Walkthrough, Exploration, and Creation.

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