Faculty Focus

Richlands Primary School May 9-13, 2016

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Thank You!!!

Mrs. Agrue and I would like to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for the outpouring of kindness and affection you demonstrated towards us last week! We are both very thankful and appreciative of all of your hard work and dedication.

Thank you!

Joines and Agrue

Lockdown Drill with Law Enforcement - May 12

County Office and Law Enforcement will be present for this practice lock down drill. We will begin at approximately 8:45. Please remember that you have a Sielox/Lock Down "cheat sheet" that can be referred to and will answer many questions. Please check your Grab-n-Go back pack and ensure that it contains an UP-T0-DATE and CURRENT roster. Log in to Sielox is VITAL to the success of this drill. Remember that you can use your cell phone to log in (most of you anyway). Also, if you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your substitute has log in information for Sielox. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions.

EVAAS Roster Verification

I will be sending out information on EVAAS Roster Verification tomorrow. Please let me know ASAP if you are not in EVAAS! I will need to set up your account.

Please begin the prep work for the roster verification. The most difficult students to complete will those that are shared between regular ed, EC and Title I. Please ensure that our new teachers have all the assistance they will require.

Retention Conferences

Please submit retention questionnaires as soon as possible to Mr. Joines after the EOY TRC is complete for a potential retention candidate. The end of the year is quickly approaching and we need to have adequate time to schedule retention conferences so that a final decision can be made well before the last day of school.

Playground Superson

Please remember that all staff members must remain vigilant while supervising the playground. Staff members are not expected to congregate in one location while supervising students. Staff members should circulate through the playground as much as possible to ensure that potential dangerous situations are caught early.

Teacher Assistant Evaluations

It is time for teachers to begin working on teacher assistant EOY evaluations. Please plan on having complete evaluations, including all signatures to Mrs. Agrue by the end of the day on Friday, May 20.

Professional Development Plans

All teacher EOY PDP's should be complete by Friday, May 13. Please email Joines or Agrue if you are unable to open your EOY PDP.

Playground Walkie-Talkies

Please remember that there should always be at least one walkie-talkie on the playground. Mrs. Owens or anyone else in the office must have instant access to student locations. We have had multiple instances over the last few weeks where walkie-talkies were not on the playground or the person with the walkie-talkie did not respond (make sure volume is high enough for the playground).

Hazardous and Toxic Materials

Please remember that all hazardous and toxic materials must be out of student reach and in a locked cabinet. The current health inspection indicated numerous examples of Lysol and other such items in bathrooms that students have access to. Please see Ms. V. if you are unsure of what is supposed to be out of student reach and secured.

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Mark Your Calendars!

May 10 - Chick-fil-A Spirit Night

May 11 - National School Nurse Day

May 12 - 2nd/3rd PLC 4:00 - 5:00 RES Media Center

May 13 - Teacher Assistant Appreciation Day

May 13 - All Teacher EOY PDP's should be ready for eavluator review

May 16-20 National Educational Boss Week

May 17 - CiCi's Pizza Night

May 19 - RHS Readers

May 20 - Teacher Assistant Evaluations due to Agrue

May 23 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 24 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 25 - 2nd Grade Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 25 - 1st Grade Sturgeon City Field Trip 9:00-2:00

May 26 - 1st Grade Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 27 - Kindergarten Fun Day 9:30-12:00

May 27 - 1st Grade Movie 9:00-11:00 Multipurpose Room

May 30 - Memorial Day - No School

May 31 - Baby Shower for Kelsey Metts 3:45 Media Center

June 8 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4 (location TBD)

June 9 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

June 10 - 7 Habits Training, Launching Leadership 8-4

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CUBS Care!

National School Nurse Day - May 11

Teacher Assistant Appreciation Day - May 13

National Education Boss Week - May 16-20

Birthday Wishes to the following Staff Members!

May 1 - Karen Huffman

May 4 - Jane Baker

May 5 - Natalie Batchelor

May 9 - Judy Clemmons

May 9 - Sandra Jones

May 11 - Wilson Antoine

May 14 - Cordell Bush

May 14 - Alana Kolstad

May 20 - Kelsey Metts

May 27 - Giommar Sanchez

May 30 - Elisa Hewitt

eleot Scoreboard

The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (eleot) focuses on seven key learning environments that promote effective learning and student success:

  • equitable learning

  • high expectations

  • supportive learning

  • active learning

  • progress monitoring and feedback

  • well-managed learning

  • digital learning

The observer is focusing on student behaviors. Observations range from 10 - 15 minutes in length (20 min. maximum).

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