Exploring Tally Marks

Kindergarten iPad Activity

Va Math SOL - K.13

The student will gather data by counting and tallying.

Directions for Teacher

  1. Using the Tally Mark Resource below, cut out the QR codes and glue into a folder to create a folder game or glue on index cards. A folder cover is also available. Laminate for long term use. TIP: I have found it better to glue the QR codes far apart. It makes it easier on the students when scanning.
  2. Model how to scan QR codes using the i-nigma app. Open the app. Hover the iPad over one of the QR codes so the code is inside the red box. The iPad will blink when it has read the code. Tap the black "go online" button. Safari will open on the iPad revealing a picture/number.
  3. Model how to use the Doodle Buddy app. Tap the purple piece of chalk to get drawing tools, the eraser, and to change the size of the pen. Tap the stamp tool to get a wide variety of pictures and to choose the size. Tap the shapes tool to add shapes. Tap the Tt tool to add text. Tap the tic-tac-toe board to add a background including pictures from the camera roll. Demonstrate how to make the number that was scanned using tally marks. Tap the trash can to clear the board.
  4. Model how to multi-task between two apps. Tap the home button twice to reveal all open apps. Tap i-nigma to scan...two taps of the home button...tap Doodle Buddy to draw. Have students practice multi-tasking.
  5. Place Tally Marks folder game in a station and watch your students have fun.
  6. Need help getting started? Contact your ITRT for support.
Tally Marks Resource - QR Codes

Cut the QR codes out and glue inside a folder or on index cards.

Tally Marks Folder Cover

Glue this on the front of the folder. This includes audio directions that can be scanned with i-nigma.

Directions for Students

  1. Scan the QR code using the i-nigma app.
  2. Tap the black "go online" button. Identify/count the number.
  3. Open Doodle Buddy.
  4. Use the drawing tool to create tally marks or write the number.
  5. Share and compare with a friend. Did you get it right? If so, scan a new code. If not, try again. Get help from a friend.
  6. Keep going until time is up.


  • Just use the iPad to scan the QR Codes. Have students write/draw on a individual whiteboards or a piece of paper.
  • After scanning the QR Codes, have students create the number on an interactive whiteboard using the pen tool or by adding shapes or pictures.

Stacie C. Taylor

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT)

Hanover County Public Schools

Mechanicsville, Virginia