Egypt geography

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The Nile River

The Nile River is a very important thing in egypt it supplies egyptians with water. But it is not all great; it has alligators that can comp of you head.The Nile River starts at the delta and goes up oblivion (AKA it is very long).My opinion of the Nile River it is awesome and as a fact it can be both.

The Nile River Cataracts

The Nile River Cataracts

The Nile River is very cool and one of the reasons as the Cataracts. The Cataracts Are very dangerous which is why when is why people don't intrude egypt. For example if you try to sail your boat there or swim no matter what if you are on the cataracts;the water moves so fast it drowns whatever is on it. It is basically full of mini water falls and sharp rocks. That is why i think the Cataracts are so cool because it protects them.

Isaac Gonzalez