Who I Am As A Learner!

Steff W

I am a kinaesthetic and Visual learner

this means that i am very hands on & need to see things to know what is expected of me.

i am a musical, kinesthetic & interpersonal learner

a musical learner (music smart) means i love music...which i do.. i play piano and love listening to music.

a kineesthetic learner (body smart) means i enjoy hands on activities & i love playing sports and dancing.

a interpersonal learner (people smart) means i love hanging out with friends & family & others.

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Right brain characteristics

1. Good At Sports

2. Big Day Dreamer

3. Cant Sit Still For Very Long.

Left brain characteristics

1. Needs It To Be Quiet To Read Or Study.

2. Only Remembers What You Said.

3. Like To Write Non-Fiction

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