Pin@y Educational Partnerships

Service-Learning Program

What is PEP?

The Pin@y (Pinay/Pinoy) Educational Partnerships (PEP) is a service learning program that has created a “partnership triangle” between the university, public schools, and the community to develop this counter-pipeline that produces critical educators and curriculum at all levels of education and in the community. PEP’s partnership triangle


Bay Area universities/colleges, San Francisco public schools, and the Filipino American Development Foundation (FADF). Uniquely, our counter-pipeline implements a transformative decolonizing curriculum and pedagogy, incorporating all grade levels including primary, middle, secondary, post-secondary, and graduate students. As volunteer teachers of the program, graduate and undergraduate students, from San Francisco State University and surrounding universities who are pursuing careers in education or community service, receive a unique opportunity to teach critical Filipina/o American studies. They gain skills in the practice of critical pedagogy, curriculum development, lesson planning, and teaching.

What PEP is About

What issues does PEP address?

Issue PEP addresses:


curriculum that includes ethnic studies and social justice topics that are very much lacking in the standard American curriculum.

Underlying problems that lead to this issue: Institutionalized academic oppression of ethnic studies. Institutions choose what to teach - they are leaving ethnic studies out.

Demands PEP


Personal and Global liberation through knowledge and issues that are often not talked about or taught. Bring tough issues to the light and have "hard conversations" because they need to happen. Provide tools to students to better understand the world we live in and why it is the way it is to create a better future.

To whom does PEP make these demands: The institutions who are keeping this learning away or do not know how to provide it.

How can the community help?

Helping PEP

Volunteer! There volunteer


on the website.

Helping the Cause

FIGHT for your right to knowledge. Keep ethnic studies, have those "hard conversations," and fight for your community.

Volunteer Highlight: Melissa Vergonio

PEP easily has made it on to my top 3 most favorite courses I have taken at the University of San Francisco. I feel more aware of the issues surrounding my community and have a deeper understanding of oppression, gentrification, and other topics. I was able to volunteer in the classroom for high school and middle school level PEP classes. I am proud to say that these students are receiving an education that I wish was available to me at their age.

What I have learned in PEP are things that I know I will take with me as I go on in the world. A lot of times classes feel irrelevant but this class holds a special place in my heart.

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