Preventing genocide

By : Kennedy Jones

How to stop genocide

i think that you can prevent genocide by getting involve marching down town letting people know and you could make some statement do fun raisers to earn some money to stop genocide and send that money to the government.

What you can do .

  1. you can do a carnival
  2. a bakery sale
  3. make a garden
  4. or go door to door giving fares and talk about
  5. march down town
  6. get people to talk about it on the news .

All of this things can make people start think about genocide and have a say about it.And this can make people give money to help them and stop genocide

Genocid pictures and what happen.

the qustions a i had

  1. why do you think they hated the people so much
  2. does race mater
  3. what is wrong with different religions
  4. dose the religion ans race matter cant others be different.