BCISD Curriculum Connection

September 2019 Edition

A Huge Thank-You for the Collaboration!

YOU- our fantastic BCISD teachers- have spent years developing quality instruction. Your work on pacing guides this August was an important step towards preserving plans for future reflection and refinement. Your partnership on CBAs this six weeks has also been so appreciated! We have taken careful notes to use in moving forward. Ultimately, you are helping to create districtwide documents that will ensure that no matter what team members change in a content team, we have guidance for the next teacher, and we know what content is covered at any time of the year. Thank you for your collaboration in this effort! You are paying it forward for yourself and others!

Trial Period: New Time-Saving Core Content Resource

We have secured a trial period of TexGuides by Region 13 through October 14th. This site provides curated content links organized by unit of study. We think this will save you time as you plan instructional activities by providing one stop to find a myriad of options. All you have to do is be logged into Google Chrome with your BCISD account, and you can enter the site: http://texguide.net/ .Please give it a try over the next two weeks! We will need your informed feedback to help us decide about purchasing.
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STAAR 2019 Non-Release (so far)

TEA notified districts that they would not release the 2019 STAAR to the public. Just this week, we heard they may do a partial release, but the timing and details are still unknown. Therefore, we currently plan to use the 2018 STAAR for the spring benchmark assessment. Please refrain from using the 2018 STAAR for instructional purposes in the classroom unless we communicate otherwise so that our benchmark provides an accurate picture of student need before the "real thing."

Heads-up to ELAR Teachers!

As you know, this year we are implementing the new ELAR TEKS in grades K - 8. The new standards emphasize the integration of writing across all areas, and they de-emphasize categorizing skills by genre. The state has created a webpage devoted to the transition with side-by-side docs and vertical alignment resources. Click below to check it out.

Ideas for Meaningful Tech Use: Authentic Writing Across Contents

It's Time to Refresh Your Sub Folder

You never know what might happen... a sudden illness, a car accident, a family need. Now that the year is underway and schedules are final, be sure that you have left an emergency plan that's ready to go. In addition to instructional activities for the day, don't forget to include the emergency procedures for your campus and must-know information for students in your class with BIPs or other accommodations that would apply to your planned sub activities.

The First Six Weeks is Over: Prepare for Parent Conferences

Do you have a plan to call parents before they call you with a grade concern? Everyone feels anxious at times to bring up situations that aren't going well. Click each picture below for tips to plan and prepare for your upcoming conferences.

A New Data View Option

Next time you view your student data in Eduphoria Aware, try out the new data view called "CBA View 19-20." In one click, your assessment results are sorted into achievement thresholds on the left, and SE-level attainment on the right. This view can help support our emphasis on student GROWTH rather than meeting one passing standard for all. Over time, we hope to see the percentage of students in higher thresholds higher and higher. The drop-down containing the view is circled in the sample screenshot below.
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Be Informed About the Upcoming Bond Election

Click HERE to visit the webpage detailing the financials and projects included in the 2019 bond proposal.
The last day to register to vote is Monday, October 7th, 2019.

Tell Us What You Think and What You Need

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