Stamp Act

Let's Not Pay For Documents

1765 Was When We Had Pay

Ever since 1765 we have been burning our hard earned money on documents, letters, and important papers. Why? Because of the British.

All The Catches

We had to pay for

* Newspaper

* Contracts

* Legal and Commercial Documents

Also all of those items got a stamp that showed if we have paid.

We didn't have to pay for just one page but EVERY SINGLE page. It gets expensive.

We need to protest. But how? Well...

This is how...

We will not send any documents for 1 month. Lets see how they like that. If there is no money coming in then why would they keep taxing us. This is needed!

Our Protest

Monday, May 20th 1765 at 12am to Thursday, June 20th 1765 at 12am

In your home.

Make sure to have sent all of you documents because you won't be able to for one month. This is a non violent protest. No weapons. This is top secret and do NOT tell anyone!
But if you get caught being apart of this we are not responsible for death or punishment.