Rules for parents

By Sukhnoor

Rule #1

Do not I repeat do not text and drive.

Rule #3

be careful where you post your pictures like your at your home in your bathroom where you think it private but not any more someone can click a button and boom he can see where you live.

Rule #4

Be careful about your children make sure they have Facebook until they are the age to be responsible to have social media the small children at age eleven or lower will be targeted most by black hatter.
Don't Text and Drive Commercial

Rule #6

If you don't stop text and drive there can be serious accidents such as road kills or you can hurt your self so think for a minute and think how many times you got almost into a accident while you were text and driving.

Rule #7

Never share your password with any one.

Rule #8

Make sure you check what your children download on the computers and iPod and Phones some can be hacked.

Rule #9

some sites are dangerous like omegle anyone can just hack onto your web cam and they can see you all day.

Rule #10

you should be careful what you buy some stuff not be what you see.