Reforms of the 19th Century

By: Brenden Johnson

Mental Health Reform/Prison Reform

Dorothea Dix fought for human rights to get more hospitals to take care of the mentally ill and for more humane imprisonment.

Why Should I Join?

You should be apart of this great movement! Don't you want the crazies out the to be able to go to a hospital to get their problems straightened out?! Have any of you seen how disgusting the prisons are and the horrors they've done to the prisoners?! To make things right join this movement!!!

"There isn't a single human being who hasn't plenty to cry over, and the trick is to make the laughs outweigh the tears." - Dorothea Dix

Some of our Great Leaders

Important Events to Attend

  • Opening of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum
  • Tour of the Boston Prison Discipline Society