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Transition Meeting Newsletter

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The goal of planning for entry to school is to help children adjust quickly to the school setting, enjoy learning and to develop a positive attitude towards education. At Riverside Public School, the strengths and needs of the individual child are the focus of an effective entry-to-school plan.


Successful entry-to-school planning involves sharing information and coordinating resources among the key members, including:

  • Student's parents/guardians
  • Mrs. Hamilton (Principal)
  • Mrs. Reeves (Kindergarten Teacher)
  • Mrs. Donnelly (Early Childhood Educator)
  • Mr. Hunter (Special Education Resource Teacher)
  • Mrs. Baas (Occupational Therapist)
  • Mrs. Holban (Physiotherapist)
  • Mr. Wilson (Speech-Language Pathologist)

The Transition Process

For children with special needs, entry to school is more complex and requires careful planning and coordination. An entry-to-school plan should provide adequate time for children and their parents/guardians to learn and practice the skills and routines that will help facilitate a smooth transition from preschool to elementary school.

For the student and his or her family and personal support network, the transition plan:

1.) Identifies goals for work, further education, and community living

2.) Defines the actions that are necessary year by year to help the student achieve desired goals 3.) Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the student, family, and others in carrying out these actions

How does a transition plan help prepare for the future?

Entry to school represents a major threshold in a child’s life. It marks an important transition into the formal education system at a critical age in early child development. A good start to school improves a child's chances of success from school entry to graduation.

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