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Moby Max

Several parents have asked what they can do to help prepare their child for ISTEP. Moby Max is a great website that I would suggest using as review. The website is, and it can also be accessed through our school website at the bottom of the page. The students are all familiar with their passwords and should have no trouble logging in. There's a "test prep" icon that they can go to and then select different content areas from there. Feel free to help students if they are stuck or don't understand something. Please let me know if you have any trouble logging in or need help with the website.

ISTEP + Coming Soon!

In fourth grade we will take ISTEP + on English/Language Arts, Math, and Science. We will take part 1 starting in the first week of March. Part 1 is Applied Skills where they will have to answer questions on the computer by typing in their answers, no multiple choice. The exception is Math, which will be a pencil/paper test. We will be working hard to prepare for the tests. If you would like to see some examples of what the tests might look like you can go to this website and click on the ones for grades 3-4. These are just practice sites so feel free to help your child. They do not work on google chrome browser. Let me know if you have any questions!

Together In Class

This week and last we have gone over several different papers as a review or practice for ISTEP. Any paper that just has a check mark or TIC, means that we did it as a class or that we went over the answers together. Those papers are not graded but more as a practice.

ISTEP Scores

Your child brought home a parent report with their ISTEP scores from third grade on Friday. If you did not receive one or if you have questions, please let me know. If your child attended another school and you didn't receive one, you will need to contact that school.

Don't Forget!

*February 8th-Midterms go home

*February 9th- No After-School Tutoring

*February 11th- Mobile Dentist

*February 15th- No School For Students