Articles of Confederation

By: Alana Harned


-It was the first type of government for the United States.

-Included a unified army for the states.

-Supported the Congressional direction of the Continental Army.

-Congress had the ability to deal with foreign countries and authority to declare war, make peace, alliance and sign treaties.

-Set up a legislature where each state had one vote, regardless of its size.

-Allowed formation of new states that had a population over 60,000.

-Department of Postal Service, Foreign Affairs, and Treasury was established.


-No executive or judicial branch.

-Needed 9 out of 13 states to pass the law.

-National government didn't have power to tax.

-Revenue came from the states.

-No national army, courts, or navy.

-No president, which lacked strength and dominance.

-No power to adjust commerce or trade between the states.

-Government couldn't force states to obey laws because they could not be imposed.

-Any changes to Articles took lots of time because it required an unanimous vote.


One reason why the designers created a government with a weak central government because they were afraid they would turn out the way England did. England's government had authority over the states that could tax it's citizens but the citizens didn't like that. Therefore, the Articles of Confederation were made to limit the governments power.
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