30hands Presentation

What is 30hands?

Collaborative, social learning website.


This presentation will cover the digital storytelling app.

Pros/Cons of Online Lesson

What are the pro and cons of using 30hands as an online lesson?

Pros/Cons of Story Telling

What are the pros and cons of using 30hands as a digital storytelling device?

Student Responses

Online Lesson

  • Pros

Great Resource for Review

  • Cons

Unable to point to information being discussed

Takes multiple screen shots

Digital Storytelling

  • Pros
Simple and easy to use

Looks somewhat professional

The students like the ability to take pictures and record their own voice

Pictures looked like good quality

  • Cons
Need to speak close to the mic

Would like other effects incorporated

Overlay of pictures

Uses in Classroom




Story Board


Cooperative Learning

Authentic Learning

Cross Curricular

Kinesthetic Modalities

21st Century Technology Integration