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April 2019

April this year is my 4th year anniversary as President of Gulf States. All together I’ve been here for seven years. I can honestly tell you I learn something new every day. Time goes by so fast, it’s just amazing. I was preaching up in Decatur this month and I told them that I have the best job in the world. I say that confidently because of the people I get to work with. I just couldn’t have a better group of men around me who love Jesus, love His Church, love what they do and love me. Only God could have put us together at this time. I’m thankful every day!

Ronnie and Jeannine Richardson

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Alumni weekend is such a great time for those who have graduated from BASS. They come together each year to see old friends and to return to a special place where their lives were impacted. Ronnie and Jeannine Richardson lead this weekend each year organizing and serving in a servant leadership role. It truly is a great time for all who attend. Brian Danese announced a new BASS Academy Endowment that will help pave the future for our beloved academy. When academies are closing we are planning on a God guided future. You can help make our plans a reality by joining us in building our endowment. You can contribute by going to our website or sending a check to the conference office in care of Brian Danese. As I write this PP we have received $1,000,050.00. Watch future PP’s for a report on how we are doing.

Bass Choir Giving Special Music at Alamisco Camp Meeting

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Elder John Bradshaw Speaking at Alamisco Camp Meeting

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Alamisco Camp Meeting was a huge success this year. Biggest crowd yet came to hear John Bradshaw preach his heart out. BASS Academy under the leadership of Scott and Katherine Bowes brought the entire academy up to Alamisco and provided incredible music. The first time we’ve ever had the whole academy be able to attend one of our camp meetings. I’ve heard nothing but praises for the entire program. I would be amiss not to mention our camp ranger couple, Todd and Shelly who prepared the camp so beautifully.

Unfortunately, I’m reporting on Alamisco Camp Meeting second hand. I had been sick all week prior to Camp Meeting, I made it up there on Sabbath morning, but was only able to greet the congregation. I began having cramping in my back that I could not settle down. I’m so sorry that I had to slip away. As I write this PP I’m feeling so much better.

Christopher Atkinson, Dave Livermore, and Mayor Eddie Lowe Praying Together

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I was invited to be the speaker for a convocation at Phenix City under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Christopher Atkinson. I taught Sabbath School and did the “Purpose of the Church” seminar that I have put together. In this seminar I look at church life cycles and I spend a lot of time on powerful EGW quotes. Unknown to me the pastor had invited the mayor to join us. He sat through my presentation and asked me for a copy of the entire seminar. He told me that he’s in politics but he’s not a politician. To quote him, “I’m a Christian.” He went on to tell me how he intended to share this seminar in many places he speaks. God has amazing ways to get His message out.

It’s the close of the first quarter and we are out visiting pastors. We look at their plans, how the church board voted them and action steps taken to bring them to fruition. I’ve made just one visit this week and I got to tell you how excited I was listening to this pastor. I had a good conversation with Pastor Cary Fry who had joined us in the office as VP of Pastoral Development about his visits. I love listening to Cary as his heart bleeds for our pastors. His assessment is that our pastors are focused, planning well and God is blessing their plans.

Remodeled Church Building - Tuscaloosa

I had an opportunity to see our remodeled church in Tuscaloosa. It is just beautiful. Great job of leading the congregation in this direction by Pastor Randy Mills. Also a big thank you to Pastor Shane Hochstetler (Communication Director) and Pastor Samuel Riemersma (Pastor of Meridian) who came over and installed all the new electronics. It truly is a new place of worship. On another note from Tuscaloosa, they did a $1000.00 mailing for Bible Studies and received 40 interest cards back. The pastor and his trained church are busy following up on all these fresh leads. I know they did the same mailing in Birmingham and 8 interest cards have come back. Great opportunities for Bible Studies to develop with people who are reaching out for help.

Until Next Time, God bless you and God bless Gulf States Conference,


Bass Memorial Camp Meeting

Wednesday, May 22nd, 6pm to Saturday, May 25th, 10pm

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Aspergers, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum in the Church

Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 11am

Meridian, MS, USA

Meridian, MS

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The President guides the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church here at the Gulf States Conference Office in Montgomery, Alabama. He serves on various organization boards operated by the church, and lends leadership to mission, evangelism, educational, and humanitarian strategies.
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