Jayson Agustin

A) Is Neptune a Terrestrial or Jovian planet?

Neptune is a Terrestrial planet due to the fact that it is a inner planet.

B) What is the length of a year for Neptune to make a revolution

It takes almost 164.79 years for Neptune to revolve... Also That is about 165 years longer than Earth makes a full revolution.

C) What is the length of a day (rotation)

It takes 16 hours for Neptune to rotate which is 8 hours shorter than the Earth to rotate

D) How many moons does Neptune have?

Neptune actually has 13 Moons! (Triton, Nereid, Proteus, Thalassa, Larissa, Psamathe, Galatea, Despina, Halimede, Naiad, Neso, Laomdeia, Sao)

E) Does Neptune have rings?

Yes, Neptune have 3 rings that are made up of rocks and dust.

F) What is the composition of the atmosphere

Neptune has (80%) Hydrogen, (19%) Helium, (1.5%) Methane,


what kind of music do planets sing? NEPTUNES! (told you it was corny)

G) What is the average temperature range?

In Neptune the Temperature is down 55 kelvin or -218 degrees Celsius. However the average temperature is -200 degrees Celsius.

H) What are at least 3 distinguished characteristics in Neptune?

It is a Blue planet.

The core of Neptune is most likely made up of liquid rock

has rings that are made up of materials that are the size of cars or trucks

it has a depression surrounded by high cirrus clouds

I) name at least 2 missions that have explored Neptun and the date they launched

Voyager 2 was the mission and they launched on August 20, 1977 and made its closets approach on August 25, 1989

J) what is the mythology behind the name of Neptune

In Greek and Roman mythology Neptune/Poseidon was the God of the sea. so they named planet Neptune "Neptune" because it was blue