The Enlightenment

Everyday life in the 1700's


- Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach, Germany, on Mar. 21, 1685. More than 1,000 of his compositions survived to modern time

- George Frederick Handel was born in Halle, Germany, on Feb. 23, 1685. He was known as one of the greatest composers in the baroque period.

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in salzburg, Austria, on Jan. 27, 1756. He was known as one of the greatest genius in Western musical history.

Art Styles in the 1700's

Baroque and Roccoco

Baroque was a period from 1600's to the 1700's. It is a French art style that dominated 18th century Europe. An example is the Night watch by Rembrandt in 1632. Rococo is the architecture in the Baroque times. One great example is the Versailles palace.
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Peasant Life

Peasants did not have that many rights. They mostly ate potatoes and bread and had to farm for the little money that they had. They liked to have gin. The land they had was most likely owned by higher authority.

Art Styles in the 1800's


Realism was a type if art that depicts more real situations. The pictures would look as close to real life as possible. They would contain actual places and people that are found in real life. The picture down below is a good example of this art type. It looks like a picture because of how real it looks.
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Romanticism is a type of art that uses more creativity and artistic ability. The goal of the painting is to be creative and intellectual. The painting I put is an example of romanticism art. You can tell because the person used their imagination and painted people flying and angles but they don't exist or have yet to be seen. There is a very low chance of any of this happening so the person had to paint this using creativity and emotion.
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Impressionism is a type of art that resembles a painting of something happening at a certain moment. They use lighter brush strokes to emphasis light so that the time of day can be portrayed. The picture I used is Impressionism because some of the lily pads are making ripples in the water. Ripples don't stay very long so this shows that the painting depicts a brief moment in time.
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This form of art captures light or other radiation to create images. These images capture a picture the millisecond it is taken. The picture I put is an example of photography because it clearly taken by a camera because of how accurate and perfect everything is, from lighting to the sizing of everything.
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Post-Impressionism is a kind of art that doesn't use realistic color and lighting techniques. They preferred to free draw what they wanted with not as much shading of rendering unless they found it necessary. The picture I chose is a very famous painting called "Satrry Night". You can tell this is Post-Impressionism because they use little to no rendering and it does not look ery realistic.
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art in the 1900's