Meal Planning Project

Deja Phillippe 1st block

Food Safety

  1. -Keep equipment and facilities clean
  2. -Do NOT cross contaminate
  3. -Always wash hands before and after you cook
  4. -Handle food properly to prevent food borne illness
  5. -Chill and cook food at correct temperatures
  6. -Keep food out of danger zone which is 40 degrees F to 140 degrees F

Food Sanitation

-All the areas needed to be clean are hands, pots and pans, appliances, kitchen utensils, food preparation areas, and food storage areas.

-Always wash fruits and vegetables

-Dont let juices from meats get on ready to eat foods.


-The timing of tasks is important to ensure the completion of recipes.

-Tasks can be dovetailed (multitasked) for example you could prepare a salad while chicken is cooking in the oven.

-List all taks from pre-preparation to clean up.

-List times like preparation, cooking and pre-preparation times.

-Calculate total and starting times.

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Time cooking tasks to get things done in the kitchen!!!

Work Plan

-Work Plan is having a detailed plan/accounting of how a group accomplishes a task.

-Be organized with your plan.

-Do not skip around, could mess up lab.

-Getting ingredients prepped and ready before starting helps things run smoothly.


-Collaboration in the kitchen gets the job done faster

-Work cooperatively with others to accomplish goal

-Be sure not to get distracted

-Give everyone a specific tasks to get done


-Fitting different tasks together to make good use of time.

-You could be cutting vegetables while waiting for chicken to cook in oven.

-Dovetailing gets things done faster.

-You could also be mixing frosting ingredients together while baking a cake.

-Dovetailing is a smart way to maneuver your time.


-Follow recipes step by step

-DONT skip around

-Look up unknown words like sift and marinate.

-The set of directions are very important towards a great meal.

-Be sure to follow them properly.

Preparation tasks

-All recipes are different, tasks may be more or less complex.

-You can prep the following




-Remember to clean as you go

-Setting table and opening packages can also be examples of preparation tasks

Pre-preparation tasks

- Completing tasks before beginning the construction of a recipe.


*Read Recipe

*Interpret instructions

*Prepare grocery list

*Gather equipment needed

-These help get everything in order and prepare to get ready to start cooking.

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