Natural Gas and Wind Energy

Wind Energy

  • Is found in the atmosphere
  • Caused by the uneven heating of the Earth's surface by the sun
  • The wind blows and spins a turbine which spins a generator that creates electricity
  • A critical part of the all-of-the-above energy strategy is to cut carbon pollution

Natural Gas

  • It is found deep beneath the Earth’s surface
  • Formed by tiny sea plants and animals that died and were buried on the ocean floor and covered by layers of silt and sand, over millions of years they were buried deeper and deeper, with the enormous heat and pressure they turned into oil and natural gas
  • Can be used as a fuel or to make materials as well as chemicals
  • Natural gas is dangerous because it is extremely flammable

Innovative Alternative Energy Form

  • One form of innovative energy is wind turbines in water
Big image

Wind turbines in the water creating wind energy

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A wind turbine farm on open land

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A natural gas power plant

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

This is a video of how a wind turbine works.


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