Cheerleading isn't all that easy!


Cheerleaders work hard to get the routine right, we get pushed to our highest level and we get injuries more than any other sport. You have to be perfectly fit and strong to meet the requiments, you call that not a sport….? No we don’t bench 200 pounds but we left a girl above our head and and hold her there exactly straight. No we don’t run a 4 minute mile, but we tumble across the mat at our fullest speed. We don’t win touchdowns, we win pride and accomplishments.


When preforming in competition, it is especially important to smile, project your voice, keep your head up and make eye contact with the judges. Cheerleaders learn routines and many cheers. We are responsible for learning the cheers and dances and preforming them perfectly. Stunts are always involved. And the routines are mostly dancing and flexibly. We use pom poms, in cheers only.

being fit

That all follows up with being fit. All cheerleaders have to be physically healthy and fitted because if you’re not then you won’t meet up to the requirements. Cheerleaders have to work out and practice a lot at home. I’m a flyer, and all flyers are light weight and small. And they do most work in stunts. The practice pays off.


So as you can see, cheerleading is a rigorous sport for many reasons. Cheerleaders have to follow a routine, be extremely active, and even can acquire injuries during their practice and games. It takes a lot of hard work to be involved in cheer, yet some people still don’t think it’s a sport. With all of the time, effort, and practice people put into being involved in this activity, it’s obviously a sport.