Food, Culture, Religon, and History

-Mexico Flag History-

In the fourteenth century a group of Aztecs or (Mexicas) settled in Mexico when they saw a eagle (repersenting the sun) standing on a cactus (a symbol of the heart) clutching a snake (a symbol of the earth) a image which is now on the Mexican flag.
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Bull Fighting

Bullfights in Mexico


Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead is a Mexican holiday celebrated during November 1st through 2nd. People believe that on October 31st at midnight the gates of heaven for all of the dead children. and they can celebrate with them by dancing in costumes and buying them sugar and chocolate covered plastic skulls that they can eat or decorate with them. Then on November 2nd all of they're loved adults that have died come celebrate with them.
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Mexican Indepentence Day

Mexican Indepentence Day is a Mexican Holiday that is celebrated September 16 in honor of Mexicos indepentence from Spain. It all started when the army of conquistadors toppled the aztec empire in Augest 1521. The spanish had contol with is now known as Mexico for 300 years until Mexico gained its independence in 1810. The date of September 16th is the aniversery and is now celebreated as the countrys birthday
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Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican Holiday that is celebrated May 5th because that is the day that Mexico fought away the french. The war started because Mexico was borrowing money from the French but the Mexican govement couldent afford to pay them back. So the french invaded the town Puebla but the Mexicans were ready and defended there home even thought the french army was twice the size of Mexicos army. the war lasted 2 hours and the french retreated. Today Cinco De Mayo is celebreated by parades, dances, speeches, and bull fights.
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Favorite Foods

A favorite Mexican food is Tacos. Tacos are made by tostadas and is a simple but delicious food that has corn tortillas fried in boiling oil until they become crunchy and golden. These are then served alone or with any number of garnishes. Popular toppings are beans, cheese, cooked meat, and seafood.
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