Newsletter Week 1 Term 4

Sawyers Bay School 21st October 2021


Welcome back to what promises to be a very busy final term for 2021. I would like to start by welcoming Brooklyn and Lolita to the school whanau, we are so pleased to have you both with us.

Unfortunately during the holiday period, the West Harbour Principals had to make the tough choice to cancel this years West Harbour Sports Day. It was not an easy decision, but we simply could not keep all of our children safe, meet COVID requirements, attract volunteer helpers and still run a good day. We will be working on a mini version for the school and will keep you posted.

Last term we did run a Mini-Olympic Day which was a huge success and a whole lot of fun. The children all took part in a range of events and learning about different countries. We particularly enjoyed the chants and comradery within their groups.

Something very exciting this week is that our School Photos are ready for viewing. We are so thrilled with the photos and hope that you enjoy them too. Thank you to Edith and Jannah for their amazing work.

Term 4 swimming will begin on November the 8th. A separate notice will come home with further details and seeking your permission for bus travel. Again, a massive thank you to Port Otago for once again supporting this years swimming lessons.

You should have received another flyer this week for a new afterschool sports initiative run by our very own Kelly Sport. If not, this is a great programme and you can find all the information below in our Community notices section.

Finally I am very pleased to introduce to all (virtually) to our new Office Administrator, Kyla Mason. Kyla has joined the team this week. Kyla has had two of her own children attend the school in the 2000's, served on the Board of Trustees for 6 years, the PTA for 9, and even went to the school herself a little earlier than that. We are really happy to have you on the team Kyla.

Nga mihi,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • School Swimming - Monday 8th Nov- 19th Nov
  • Final Assembly for 2021 - 10th December 2pm
  • Last Day of Term - Wednesday 15th December, 1pm

Otago Polyfest streaming link

If you would like to watch our Kapa Haka performers participate in the Otago Polyfest, you can follow this link:

Our group is performing at 12pm on Friday and the SB Playcentre are just before this as well!


Welcome to Term 4! We are very excited to be back in Papatūānuku as we have an action packed, fun-filled term planned, with a huge variety of learning experiences!

At the end of last term, I asked the class what they would like to learn about this term. We had quite a variety of ideas, some that link together nicely and some that we will learn about just because that is what the tamariki chose!

This week, we’ve started learning about ‘Friendships’ and how what we say and do to people can make a difference. We had a great discussion about playground friendships, and how we can notice someone who might feel lonely or sad, and what we can do about it.

During Literacy, we have been learning about a familiar story “The Little Red Hen”. We are learning to retell the story, illustrate it, and then next we are going to be inventive and change parts of the story to make a new story. We have drawn pictures of the Little Red Hen, and they look great!

Our Maths learning this week has been around problem solving number stories. We are doing this in pairs and small groups. We are learning that there are lots of ways to show addition facts that equal numbers, and how we can work those out using different methods - we could show this using our fingers, we could draw a picture, we could use a number line, or we could use classroom equipment.

Our Kelly Sports session was fun. We learned how to run! We actually put this into practice every (fine) day for our fitness. We also increase our upper body strength by climbing the big fort climbing wall daily too!


It's great to be back and we have had an awesome week Hine Rau Wharangi. The Hine Rau Wharangi students have been busy working at writing time adding more ideas and detail to their written work and using their extensive knowledge of phonics to write some tricky words. We have also been working on how to edit our work when finished focusing on capital letters and fullstops. We had our first Kelly sports session this week even though it was wet, we thoroughly enjoyed practicing skills for running and competing against each other. This week we have also started our new Topic In the Ocean, this topic was chosen by Hine Rau Wharangi children and we have been discussing what we know and what we want to know so watch this space.

Report From Mrs Brewer


It’s hard to believe that we are now in the last term of the year! We have an action packed calendar ahead of us. Our topic this term has been chosen by the class - Space Dinosaurs. We have decided we will begin by learning about dinosaurs and then see how it evolves to include Space. We have shared what we already know and what we want to learn, and have discussed Joan Wiffen (NZ’s very own palaeontologist who Mr Fisher has met!) are now ready to launch into some research and art. Our Maths this term also has a dino theme - we are creating our own dinosaur parks. We will be using skills such as budgeting, measurement, area, time, addition and subtraction and much more to ensure our parks are well thought out and run smoothly. We had a very fun Kelly Sport session on Tuesday focusing on our sprinting skills. We learnt that we needed light, quick feet, strong arms and laser focus. I have added in a small video of one of our races to be the first to get the cone. Many of us are really looking forward to our performance at PolyFest tomorrow. Be sure to check us out on the live feed!

Report by Mrs Swete


Hello and welcome back

It’s been nice to catch up on the children's holiday adventures and meet and greet you at the school gate again. We welcomed Brooklyn into Ranginui and I am so proud of how the children have helped her settle into the Ranginui routine. We have begun the term writing descriptions of our favourite animals, people and we will include places over the next few days. A review on what we know about fractions, multiplication and division and will continue to further our knowledge and application of these for the next 3-4 weeks. We all wish the Kapa Haka group the best for their stage performance at Polyfest on Friday.

We are excited to welcome a first year student. Molly begins next week and is here for 3 weeks.

Please check with your child about sunhats- some are seeming very small and may need replacing.

You contact me via email if you have any questions.

See you all again soon


Welcome back to our last term for the year! (Where did that time go?) This term we welcome a new student to Hinemoana, Lolita. It is great to have you with us! The children have dived into their learning, recapping recount writing and writing in paragraphs. We are exploring money and financial capability and learning about decimals. The children are doing a great job on understanding their decimal place value and adding decimal numbers together. I have been thoroughly impressed! We are also busy preparing for our Polyfest performance that is on Friday at 12pm. If you want to watch us on stage there is a livestream link you can tune into via Otago Polyfest’s Facebook page, or click the link in this newsletter. Our performance will also be able to be accessed later on Otago Polyfest’s YouTube channel. We are so excited to share with everyone what we have been preparing.

Report From Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

A fun way to start the term was for the kids in Tane Mahuta to make some ‘phones’. These ‘phones’ were made to depict and share about a favourite, or not so favourite holiday story! We had some interesting images and stories come up about the holidays and some eventful tales about birthday parties! It has been a lot of fun creating our ‘phones’ and we are pretty proud of them. They are displayed in our classroom if you would like to pop in and have a look.

Ka pai Tane Mahuta students for your creativity!

Report From Miss Tenci

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Sports News

We have now have two Touch Rugby and four Futsal teams ready to go! Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for helping out in the coaching and management roles, transporting, and cheering from the sidelines!

A notice with team details should have come home in your child's bag on Tuesday. If you did not receive it, please let us know asap.

We do still have space for one or two junior touch players too if you happen to have changed your mind.

Community Notices

School Photo orders

Kia ora Sawyers Bay School families

Your school photos (of ALL the gorgeous children) are ready to view and order.

Click here to go to the online gallery (the password is love).

Please note: Orders are due in by Thursday 28 October.

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