Expansion of Higher Education

The building of new Colleges in America. By Ben Soulliere

What is Higher Education?

Higher Education is education after public school. It can be colleges, to universities, to technical schools. It was created to help people get better jobs and have the knowledge to hold a job.

Creation of more Colleges

There are many reasons to the creations of Higher Education.

-More Rich industrialists creating colleges

-Land Grant Colleges created by the State

-Women's Colleges established

-Schools created to Train workers for a specific field. (Technical School)

Colleges Created 1800-1860

Land Grant Schools

What are they?

Land Grant schools are state funded and operated colleges to make college affordable for people in that state. Morrill Land-Grant Act in 1862, allowed all states to create and use state funds to create higher education, expanding the amount of schools across America.

Why the Boom of Colleges?

As America became to grow and industrialize, new forms of higher education was needed to lead and grow the new and growing industry. With many jobs needing people with higher education, there was a high demand with little supply. This meant people with higher education got a lot more money and better jobs than people who didn't. More people wanted these jobs so new colleges were created to get them the education they needed.


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