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Book Fair

The book fair is a great fundraiser for our school media center. Last year with the help of families, we were able to add over 300 books to our media center collection. Hundreds of books are published every year for teens and young adults. With the help of the book fair, we are able to add some of those new and trending titles to our media center for all students to read.

When? Monday - Thursday during the school day

Monday and Thursday also during conferences

Need a gift idea for your child's teacher? Want to get your child a gift? 50% of the book sales come back to our school!

What's New?

Over the past month, we have added nearly 200 titles to our library collection. Some titles are eBooks that students can access using MackinVIA. Other books are located in the media center for students to check out. We bought some general fiction to meet student interest demands. We also purchased books new titles for our students to read during their poetry unit. One major focus of these titles was purchasing books in verse.

What is a book in verse? It is a book that is made up of poems.

Hmmm, poems? Yes. Each "chapter" is a poem. These books typically capture students attention and get even reluctant readers interested because the chapters are short. Here are some of the new titles:

What is Mrs. Weatherman reading?

For our October genre - mystery, I just finished reading Shelter by Harlan Coben. It is a story about a young man named Mickey Bolitar. His dad was killed in a car accident, his mother is in rehab, and his girlfriend suddenly disappeared. He is unwilling and unable to let another person slip out of his life. So he starts searching for answers about where Ashley (his girlfriend) is and why she left. Little does he know, he is about to untangle a mystery about her AND open up a mystery about his father.

It was such an exciting book that I am currently reading the sequel Seconds Away. It continues the story and mystery from the first book. I also just finished reading Liar and Spy by Rebecca Mead.

What will I read next? Addie on the Inside by James Howe

How do my students access an eBook at school?

Watch this step by step video. You can do this through the app or from the website <www.mackinvia.com> from any device or computer with Internet access.
MackinVIA screen cast for parents