Haatchi and Little B

By Wendy Holden

1. Summary

This book is about a child named Owen with a rare disease called Schwartz Jampel syndrome that contracts his muscles. It took place in England. He must have surgeries throughout his life and other things that are very costly. He goes through life with a buddy by his side:Haatchi, a dog with a leg missing from a train accident. Owen and Haatchi had an everlasting bond between them and they brought out the best in each other. Owen needed different special wheelchairs throughout his life which were helped paid for by fundraisers. He lives his life to the fullest that a boy with Schwartz Jampel Syndrome can. There is a book about him because it shows a story of a lifelong battling boy that lived with his syndrome but yet, almost beat it.

2. 10 Key events in chronological order

1. Parents broke up.

2. Owen met Haatchi.

3. Owen made an everlasting bond with Haatchi.

4. Haatchi adapted to the home.

5. Haatchi hurt himself and Owen was there for him.

6. His buddy Haatchi won a prize.

7. He got a new chair.

8. He had a cold and a bad cough.

9. Haatchi and the family were scared because of a train.

10. His dad and Colleen got married.


Author: Wendy Holden

Publishing date: 2014

Intended Audience:" Those who are different and to the humans and animals who love them all the more because of it".

How is the text organized? Chronological order.

Any biases: Yes. She likes Owen and she thinks he worked really hard. I know this because she sometimes said that he worked hard and she wasn't ever negative towards him.

4. Give three character traits and prove with an example for each.

First, he works hard. He had to try hard to even walk or do anything. Nothing ,physically, was easy for Owen. The whole story he fought through and didn't give up. Secondly, he is a pretty brave guy. He had gone through so much and took on many other things even if he may have been skeptical (iffy) about it. Lastly, he is very kind. He would take the time when people wanted to know about Haatchi and tell them all about him, even if they were just curious strangers.

5. How did Owens early life affect events in his life later? Give atleast one example.

In Owens early life, his parents had no idea that he had this syndrome. They started to see abnormal things and quickly contacted doctors. If it wasn't for them contacting doctors, they wouldn't have been prepared for the life ahead of them. They could've found this out later and it could've been too late to keep Owens body fully functioning and this could have made him less mobile.

6. Name three people who influenced Owen. How did they?

1. Haatchi influenced Owen. Haatchi made Owen very, very happy and when Haatchi took his medicines, Owen would want to also.

2. Colleen influenced Owen also. She was the one that made fundraisers for him and she was very much like a mother to him. Without her, Owen wouldn't be as far as where he is today.

3. Lastly, his dad influenced him. He was the one that Owen looked up to, as most children do. He was influential with him trying to be strong through life.

7. Find a quote that exemplifies this person in the book, or elsewhere. How does the quote fit the person you read about?

A quote that I think shows Owen is this:"When Haatchi came, I wasn't scared...he changed my life". This proves that he was brave, yet again. He wasn't the least bit afraid of him, he loved him at first sight.

8. State if you liked the book. Give three reasons for your answer.

I really liked this book. For one, it was very inspirational to read that a boy with this syndrome could fight through it and know that he was different and he was ok with it. Secondly, I was happy that he was gifted by God with great parents. His dad, Colleen, and his mom were all great people willing to help in a heartbeat. Lastly, it kind of gave you that sense of a sort of happy ending. Even though he wasn't some Olympic gold metal runner or something, he was a great kid with a great heart and good people surrounding him. I would probably rate this book a 9 or so.