By: Travis Bayerl

History of Samsung

-Incorporated in 1938.

-Founded by Lee Byung-chel, CEO is Oh Hyun Kwon

-They own several other samsung named brands

- Samsung is part of the electronics industry

-Two major competitors are Sony and Apple

Factors of Production

-Samsung makes many things, but their biggest thing is electronics.

-They employ roughly 270,000 people.

-Their net worth is roughly $40 billion dollars.

Financial info

In last five years Samsung has made billions of dollars.Their net income has increased a lot.

Stock Information.

-SSNLF is samsungs stock symbol and they trade on the Korea Stock Ecxchange.

-Their low is 1.08 million and their high is 1.5 million i is high today.

-They have not split stocks but they are considering it now.

-There are 147m shares available.

-They pay dividend twice every year. And they paid $20,000 last dividend and then $13,800 the one before that.

-The last time was december 2014.

-Investors have rated the Samsung stock good but it is sliding now.

Article 1

This article talked about how Samsung has made a record profit of 8.3 billion on 50 billion in revenue, but their stock keeps on sliding. It also said that samsung fears that they will not maintain rapid growth in the smartphone market as it did in the past.

Article 2

This article talked about how the release date of the galaxy s6 has made a spike in stock profits. Samsung then hopes that this new phone will increase there stock price and then they can make more money.


-Now what I know about this company and their stock I would not invest because it is too expensive.

-So far in my stock game I have lost $2,435.

- I have learned that investing can be a dangerous game and you have to be safe with your investments. Also that investing can also make you lots of money, it is all a game of chance I think.