My MBTI Results

by Victoria Kessinger


I prefer being alone rather than being with other people. I am also shy around people I don't know very well. When I am around other people for long periods of time, I get exhausted.


I am imaginative and creative. I trust my intuition and I tend to rely on the possibilities rather than the realities. I like to think about abstract ideas rather than concrete ones.


I act based on my emotions. I listen to my heart more than I listen to my head. When working in groups, I focus on harmony and cooperation.


I am relaxed when it comes to work. I like to keep my options open rather than sticking to a strict schedule. I seek freedom and I am good at improvising.


I am a perfectionist and self motivated. I am also self conscious and I care a lot about what others think of me.


I found this test to be extremely accurate. I think the results described me very well.