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Washington Irving was born in New York City on April 3, 1783. He was one of eleven children and his parents William Irving and Sarah Irving, named him after George Washington, the hero of the Americans.

He went to a private school and left New York City to study law. While he was studying he wrote his first Journals. When he came back to New York City to practice law, he wrote "The History of New York" which became more widely known.

In 1815 Irving went to England to help his brothers business, but it failed.While he stayed in England he composed a book with several stories and poems, which was known under the name " The Sketch book"

In 1822 he lived in Germany and France for several years, and he moved to Spain 1826 and became attached to the US embassy of Madrid.

In Spain he worked on the Biography of Christopher Columbus, Granada and the Alhambra. From 1829-1832 he was a secretary of the US legation in London and after that he returned to Spain as the US ambassador, but he spend most of his time in New York, were he published more historical biographies.

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Washington Irving's work

Letters of Jonathan Oldstein-1802

Salmagundi -1807-1808

A History of New York -1809

Sketch book of Geoffrey

Crayon -1819-1820

Bracebridge Hall -1822

Tales of a Traveller -1824

A History of the Life and

Voyages of Christopher

Columbus -1828

Chronicle of the Conquest

of Granada -1829

Voyages and Discoveries

of the Companions of

Columbus -1831

Tales of Alhambra -1832

The Crayon Miscellany -1835

Astoria -1836

The Adventures of Captain

Bonneville -1837

The life of Oliver Goldsmith-1840

Biography and Poetical Remains

of the Late Margaret Miller Davidson-1841

Mahomet and His Successors-1850

Wolfert's Roost-1855

The Life of George Washington-1855-1859

Washington Irving: Biography, Works, And Style
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