February 2016



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Reclassifying EL Students

ISES Automatic Reclassification due to ACCESS for ELLs Test Scores

  • Once an EL has achieved a 6.0 composite score on the ACCESS for ELLs assessment, they are considered proficient in English. ISES will list their ELP code as 6 and they will be exited from services. This change is non­reversible.
  • If an EL in grades 4­12 achieves an overall composite score of 5.0 or above plus a minimum literacy subscore of 5.0, ISES will set their ELP code to 6. If it is determined that this change was not appropriate for the student, and that they are not yet fully English proficient, their ISES ELP code can be changed to a 5 to keep them in EL services.

Manual Exiting for EL Students

Manual Exiting

If not meeting the above criteria for reclassification as former EL, a student may still be eligible for manual reclassification if they:

  • Achieved an overall ACCESS for ELLs composite score of 5.0 or greater and
  • Demonstrate clear English proficiency via academic achievement on state and local assessments, and by other measures

If these criteria are met, even if the student did not achieve a literacy subscore of 5.0, they may be manually reclassified as Former EL. Change their ISES ELP code from 5 to 6.

Monitored EL Student Needing Services Again

Manual Re-­Entry

If a student has been exited from EL services for at least one year, and monitoring indicates any of the following:

  • lack of full English proficiency as compared to their peers;
  • a decrease in academic achievement due to loss of EL services;
  • academic deficits due to time in EL services;
  • lack of meaningful participation in academics; or
  • other negative impacts due to reclassification,

the student may need to be reclassified as EL once again to ensure that their lack of English proficiency isn’t causing them academic harm. Change their ISES ELP code from 6 to 5, and resume EL services.


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