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The Definition of Literacy...

...not so long ago, was the ability to read and write, or the ability to use language in order to read, write, listen and speak. Today's definition is...

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EVERY subject area curriculum affords the opportunity to develop...

The 8 Core Literacy Skills:

1. Summarizing

2. Inferring from Pictures

3. Inferring from text

4. Developing and Organizing Ideas

5. Understanding Text Features

6. Understanding Text organization

7. Critical Literacy/Critical Thinking

8. Test-taking skills

"Here's one way to look at it: Content is WHAT we teach, but there is also the HOW, and this is where literacy instruction comes in. There are endless number of engaging, effective strategies to get students to think about, write about, read about, talk about the content you teach."

- Rebecca Alber, Edutopia Editor, See link below for FULL ARTICLE

Cross Curricular Resources at DPCDSB

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