Christiaan Huygens

By: Michael Merritt


Christiaan Huygens was born April 14, 1629. He was born into a very powerful, rich and influential family. His ethnicity was Dutch. When he was older he went to school at the University of Leiden. He studied law and mathematics. He had to switch to the School of Orange because of duel between his Brother and another student.


Huygens had an early interest in mathematics and musical theory. When he moved back to his fathers house the The Hauge, he surrounded himself with research, starting his road to being a scientist.

Huygens created a microscopic lens called the Huygenian eyepiece. He started grinding and creating his lenses in 1655. Another major creation he did was creating the world's first pendulum clock. This was used for about 300 years.

Christian Huygens