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September 16, 2022

FAC Stream September 11, 2022

Greetings from Pastor John

Hi Church,

This week we will be looking at Exodus 20-21. Once God gave the 10 Commandments there was discussion on what it meant for people to live in relationship with each other. So, the law came about to equate justice toward your neighbor. We find in these two chapters there is a lot of talk on retribution and repayment. There was a constant balancing act between payment and repayment within relationships. We will look at what that leads to when all we do is balance payment and repayment. We need someone to make a payment once and for all. We will see that the law leads us to Christ.

Also, we have a connection Sunday this weekend after service. Plan on sticking around and getting to know someone new or saying hi to someone you know!


Prayer and Praise

Sept 14-21, 2022

Pray for the Strong family this week as they celebrate Don’s good life and mourn his loss.

Praise the Lord for Cindy Sherman, and Jay and Betty Lawrence’s safe travel back from FL last weekend. Pray for the family as they settle Joe and Betty into Brookdale housing in Attleboro..

Praise the Lord for more rain this week to relieve our drought.

Pray for Sophia Gotta as she travels from North Carolina to Montana for discipleship training with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Praise the Lord for Sophia’s commitment to missionary service.

Praise the Lord for over 100 baptisms in Burkina Faso last week. Pray for these new believers and the difficult lives that they lead.

Praise the Lord for our Faith Foundation Christian Education Program that was launched last Sunday.

Pray for Paul Bryant as he recovers from a foot infection at the Mt Sinai Rehab Facility in Stoughton. Pray also for Dave Paine recovering from a motorcycle accident.

Pray for Kim Ciardi’s mother hospitalized in ME this week. Pray also for Dave’s ongoing struggle with the permanent catheter.

Pray for our church finances…that our income will match our expenses.

Pray for Dawn Matera as she is into her third month of missionary service in Romania.

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Table Conversations

•What did the Israelites promise to do?

•Do you think God’s people kept their promise to worship only God? Why?

•What task did Jesus tell His disciples to do?

Because we rest in the completed work of Jesus for our salvation and relationship with God, we seek to obey God out of love and gratitude while warning others to turn from their sin and turn to Christ alone for their salvation.

HEAD: What are some ways believers can reflect the faithfulness of God?

HEART: How will you reevaluate your present circumstances in light of God’s faithfulness?

HANDS: What are some specific ways you will obey the Lord’s commands this week?

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We are studying the Book of Daniel. The theme is God's sovereignty over history & empires, lessons that exemplify how to live faithful lives in an ungodly environment, & that prayer is a significant weapon in the conflict between good & evil

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2022 Legacy Grandparenting Summit @ Good News Bible Chapel

Okay, here’s one for all you grandparents who want to influence your grandchildren with the gospel: this October the annual two-day Legacy Grandparenting Summit will be closer than ever.

The live national conference for grandparents will by hosted by simulcast at Good News Bible Chapel, just a few minutes up the road in Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Two inspiring days to build your legacy. 8 general sessions, 20 presenters, all focused on encouraging and training grandparents in your mission to intentionally influence your grandkids of all ages – whether they be nearby or at a distance – to follow Jesus.

You can find more information online at

Steve DuPlessie -- C. 508.212.1980
Good News Bible Chapel
Attleboro, MA 02703

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