By:Abby morris

Daily activities of a veterinarian

Well first of all they help animals gain their health and strength back.They have to like animals because you need to be nice to them.You have to be able to measure liquids accurately so that you don't over dose the animals and kill them.These are just a few of the things that they do on their daily job.

Working conditions

To work at a veterinarian office there are special working conditions that you have to be able to accomplish.For example,You have to be at a high level of social contact. You also have to be able to be around chemicals all day,also you need to be exact at you r work.


Yearly wages

When you are a veterinarian you get 77,680 dollars a year.

Skills and recommended core classes

Some skills that you need are You need to know science,critical thinking,speaking,active listening, and time management.Some classes you need to take are science, math and, chemistry.