Noihsaf Chic

"Turning Fashion to Enhance Style"

Discovered Passion

Hello I'm Pat, the Owner of Noihsaf Chic. (Noy-sa-f Chic) which means "Fashion" Chic. My whole logic behind fashion is being comfortable with taking a look and turning it around to enhance your own personal style.

I derived at that name because of my passion for mixing thrift with new creating multiple looks. That's why you will see a resale corner in addition to new items on site. All resale items are either dry cleaned, or steamed before they are shipped; most items are new. I would never send anything that I would not take pride in wearing myself.

A Noihsaf Chic Lady doesn't have a favorite outfit; most likely you would not be able to look in her closet to determine what she wore today. That's because she has fun creating and enhancing her own unique style.

You will find on my website that I have a lot of singles garments like tops, jackets, bottoms, and accessories. Mainly because I believe that you can take single items and create multiple looks. Once that technique is mastered you might not remember how you wore something previously because you never put it together quite the same.

I would like to invite you all to visit my website and create a customer profile under the tab called, " my account." If you can't find what you want on my site, I would love the challenge to find it for you. Send me an email of what you want and I will try to find it and either post it to my site or send you a picture of what I find via email.

I want to give a special thank you to those who have supported me this week by purchasing, and to those who supported me over the last 6 months leading up to my opening.

Kind Regards,

Pat M.