Human Rights Violations In Congo

By: Brennan Sincerbeaux

Top 3 human rights violations in Congo, Africa

Congo is a country located in west Africa. It has many flaws in their human rights systems. I would like to point this out and show some of these flaws.
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Map of Congo

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Congo river

The Congo river is a very famous river for its illegal immigration from the DRCA TO THE RC.


I would not like to grow up in Congo. Their is a very good chance I would be orphaned or killed before I was even 5. Or I might have been sent to war which would have left very dramatic effects on my mind. If I did survive the first stages of life, I would become very poor and be afraid of the military. They have no mercy on anyone. While we live out here in hot, smelly, disease infested land, the government is living in luxury with their Mercedes and nice houses. It's not fair. It's against human rights.