The Great Depression

Catera Dillard

The Great Depression summary

1.1 The great Depression started in the year of 1929 and end 1933 ( the year James Braddock won his boxing title again).

2.Farmer prices fell more than 50 percent, stock prices crashed 80 percent, one in every three of the nation's banks failed and many or any people lost their life savings.

3.The main cause of the Great Depression was because of WWll

4.In 1930 WWll made the world go bankrupt, men lose theier job, women couldnt really work , the jobs could pay enough, so people got fired.

5.But towards the end of the war in 1933 FDR made the New Deal , which helped Americans get back on thier feet.

A Helpful Major Hand

Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • A major person durning the Great Depression was the helpful Franklin D. Roosevelt. He brung faith back into the Americans hearts. He made the New Deal—a variety of programs designed to produce relief (government jobs for the unemployed), recovery (economic growth), and reform (through regulation of Wall Street, banks and transportation).

3 major events

the great events

  • In 1929 the Great Depresson started with the stock market shut down, banks went bankrupt, WWll messed it up even more, and economic system failed on the people
  • Towards the 1930 more then 3.2 million lost their job.
  • .1932 FDR saved 22.3 million people lives with the New Deal program.