April/May Class News Desk

Sr. Shazia's 4th Grade Trending.... :-)

Respected Parents, السلام عليكم

My Oh My! That time of the year already! How time flies:( It really seems like yesterday, when I was preparing the classroom for the beginning of the year. Out of all the 4th graders that I have had, these bunch of sweet kids have tugged at my heart the most;) I can't explain why, but it is just that way, mA...

Speaking of wrapping up the year, please be mindful of the following dates for the last month of this academic year, iA:

  • 10th - 12th May: MAP Standardized Testing
  • 17th - 19th May: ITBS Standardized Testing
  • 24th May: Field Day & LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS.
  • 25th May: End of Year Award Ceremony/Graduation, iA:)

AH, the Student Treasures published books have arrived. Yippee! However, I need to double check them. Once that process is completed, I will distribute them immediately, so your children will be enjoying their published books before you know it, iA;)

Furthermore, it is my understanding, that all the students now have access to the "Epic" reading website. Please download this on your phone/tablet, if you haven't done so already. The books are free and there is a variety to choose from, mA. If they request payment from you, please let me know promptly. Since I have set up all my students through the class account, you as parents, are not required to pay a penny;)

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for entrusting your most precious and beloved person(s) in your life! It has been an absolute pleasure teaching them, and I am EXCEPTIONALLY grateful for your kindness, understanding, generosity, and respect that you have exhibited throughout this year;) You are a very blessed group of parents, and I have nothing but duaas for you all, and your beautiful children! I shall definitely miss my dear students and they will always be in my heart forever:-) May Allah reward you & your families immensely, and fill your lives with happiness, health, prosperity, success, and the guidance of our deen! I have nothing but praise for you ALL - THANK YOU!!!

جزاكماللهُ خيراً

With so much gratitude and appreciation,

Sr. Shazia.


English Language Arts & Reading - Sr. Shazia

Let's see....AH, we have wrapped up both of our ELA & Reading curriculum. ;) Therefore, I have been focusing on test-taking strategies and LOTS of reviews :/ AH, the reviews are on schedule, and I am going over them with a fine tooth comb, since I do not wish to bombard the students with many different concepts in one go. There is no gain in besieging them copious amounts of material, as it will cause nothing but mere anxiety and confusion. For the next two weeks, the students will be taking their standardized examinations. However, as their teacher, I will continue to fine-tune their test-taking skills.

Their writing curriculum has also been sealed - AH. Nevertheless, I am still going to squeeze some more practice writing pieces in here and there - before we break up;) I am also planning to get in our annual debate; which will allow the students to deliver their arguments in an academic environment. This will also be a platform for students to conduct their research, build a case, and improve/enhance their oral skills, iA.

I have compiled a summer reading list for the students. IA, I will be sharing that with you shortly. The books are all vetted for Islamic values/morals, and conform to the teachings of our religion, iA.

Math - Sr. Anam

Students learned how to find area, perimeter, and volume of two and three dimensional figures. We have begun reviewing for the ITBS test.

Islamic Studies - Sr. Javairia


Alhamdulillah April was practical implementation of the Hadith of Rasool Allah SAW that "Convey from me even if a verse". 4th Graders worked hard and excitedly to turn in their Final year projects on their favorite topic and then share their learning with the fellow students. Ma Sha Allah they did a great job and will be participating in the Islamic Fair on April 29th to share their message to the world. Please ask the enthusiastic 4th grader about their project and their favorites from others presented.. We are working on learning about Battles from the Seerah of Rasool Allah SAW like Badr and Uhud. We are drawing practical lessons for our life to become leaders of the righteous In Sha Allah.

Please note Islamic Studies class meets Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please do not send any IS related material to school on Wednesdays or Fridays. Homework is assigned on Mondays and is mostly due Thursdays. Thursday will be a quiz/test day to make sure the students comprehend fully and ready to move to next lesson In Sha Allah. Students are encouraged to take books/work books and notebook home after every I.S class and bring it for next class. Parents please encourage your child to read the chapter of the week 5 minutes every day and watch the supplemental videos of the week on their Grade 4 playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsJgpSVyqqMoCtOU1jI8AxyYMVa6_g4Go .Please encourage and help your child to fill in Salah Chart with maximum "J" nd turn in end of month. May Allah SWT increase us all in beneficial ILM. and Amal Ameen.

Jazak Allah Khairan Katheeran

O Allah! Grant us Your special blessings; and provide ease and rightful guidance for us in all our matters. Ameen [Al Kahf : Verse 10]

Science - Dr. Pervaiz, Sr. Nazia, & Sr. Fozia

Well Done to our ILM Science Olympiad Team!! AH, our ILMers won 6 out of 10 categories in this contest, which was held at Fulton Science Academy in April.

Thank you to ALL the parents, coaches, and students who participated in this competition.

جزاكماللهُ خيراً.

Dr. Pervaiz.

Qur'an: Hafiz Ayub

We finished Surah Mulk alhamdulillah! Please have your children read it every night, because it will save them from the punishment of the grave, as Rasulullah promised us.
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