Leon Battista Alberti

S. Lamy

Birthplace and Date...

"Born 14 February 1404 in Genoa, Italy" ("Leon Battista Alberti" 1).

What Did He Do?

Leon Alberti spent all of his life in Italy. He was Most well known for being an architect and his ways of building. He would create the design and leave the crews to do all the construction, he never watched the construction. He trusted the construction crews to not mess anything up.


Leon was very smart and studied Latin when he was young, when he was older, he started studying Latin from a private teacher. Then when he was 14 he want to the University of Bologna to study law.


Leon was always exploring what he could do throughout his life, but is most well known for his architecture. Other things he did throughout his life also include writing plays and late in his life became interested in cryptology.


Leon was known for being an architect and some of the things he was able to build, like the mansion Palazzo Rucellai ("Leon Battista Alberti" 2).

Hard Work...

Leon never really had any support when he was growing up, but worked hard and got to do whatever he wanted to do throughout his life do to his hard work.

Palazzo Rucellai

This is one of Leon's greatest buildings.

Created in: 1446-1451

This piece is great do to the detail of the architecture along with the size of. Another spectacle of this piece is how it turned out with the way Leon left the crews to do their work.

I find this piece sow interesting because of the detail and the way Leon worked.

This shows humanism at its greatest with all of the detail put in by the builders of the magnificent structure.

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