What To Expect

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First Trimester (Months 1-3)

In your first trimester you will have hormones where you may feel irritated one day and happy the next.You will have pregnancy symptoms such as tender, swollen breasts,Nausea with or without vomiting ,Increased urination ,Fatigue,Food aversions or cravings, and morning sickness. You will have ultrasounds and screenings to look for chromosomal abnormalities. You will have a doctors appointment to set up your due date depending on how many weeks you were at the appointment. During your first trimester your baby will change from a zygote to a embryo. it will implant itself into your uterine wall. Your baby will start moving but will not start kicking just yet. Your baby hair follicles, nail beds, White blood cells, and vocal cords will start to form.Your baby muscles will start to go into formation.
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Second Trimester (Months 4-6)

In your second trimester the mother's morning sickness will start to fade away. She will have more energy then she did in her first trimester. The mother will be able to start planning for the arrival of the baby. the mother will have a ultrasound to figure out the baby's sex and hear heartbeat.She will have to pee less. She will start showing more. Her ankles and feet will start swelling from the weight she pack on from the baby and eating. She will have increased appetite, she will need to eat right and exercise , and get plenty of rest. The baby eye's will start to open. He or she hair will start to sprout. He or she will start to suck , swallow , yawn , hiccup. He or she will start to kick and jab. He or she senses will start to work. He or she weight will double.
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Third Trimester (Months 7-9)

In your third trimester the mother's belly will be bigger than it was in either of the other trimesters. Mother will start to get all the baby gear together. You may have symptoms like varicose veins (swollen veins that may bulge near the surface of the skin) , stretch marks ,contractions , lack of bladder control, breast may leak , false labor symptoms. Then when it gets close to the mother's due date her water will break. During the third trimester the baby will start blinking , dreaming , regulating his or her own body temperature , tasting what mothers eating , perceiving light and dark , listening to sounds. If the baby is a boy then the boy testicles will start growing. He or she kicks will start to get more serious and painful. Then when its almost time to come baby will start turning southward.
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Advice For Father

Regardless of how Mommy delivers the baby, her body will need time to recover. Changing Diapers is one of the few responsibilities you can take on with little to no training.Friends and family will no doubt be anxious to meet your brand-new baby, but know when to say no and hold your ground.If you and Mommy are wiped out or just not up to guests .Parenthood is more than a full-time job for the first few weeks, which means Mommy's share of chores will pile up. So pick up the slack on dishes, laundry, dusting, whatever needs doing whenever you can.Encourage her to tell you how she’s feeling and what she needs and she’ll likely do the same for you. Things won’t feel quite so overwhelming if you know your spouse got you back.
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