Monday, August 19th~ 6:30-10pm

Elimination and Eradication of all Holding Patterns to Substitute for Creation of Bodies and Living

Definition of Holding Pattern: a state of waiting or suspended activity or progress; a period in which no progress or change is made or planned. Sound familiar?

How many Holding patterns are you currently running that are suspending your progress to greater consciousness?

How many holding patterns do you have running your health, your prosperity and your life? What if these holding patterns aren't even yours? If you could receive a process to release you...what might be HOLDING you back?

What else is possible?

Class Details:


Carlson Lions Cabin

301 Yelm Ave. W

Yelm, Wa. 98597

Class begins at 6:30 finished by 10pm

Investment in you $55.

Any questions feel free to ask me!


Certified Access Body Process Facilitator


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