Kayla Quebral

Hour 4: US History

What I Am

I am a girl who...
  • enjoys the music the mid-1900s and black and white movies
  • is introverted
  • believes in caring greatly for family and friends
  • feels as though my education is most important in my life

About My Family

  • My parents married in Pangasinan,Philippines and moved to the United States in 1990
  • I have two siblings: one older sister, Katelyn, and one older brother, Kevin
  • I care for an Airedale Terrier named Samantha

My Hobbies

  • Playing piano, guitar, and singing
  • Playing table tennis
  • Volunteering at HealthPartners and other charity events

My Favorite Entertainment

Casablanca - As Time Goes By - Original Song by Sam (Dooley Wilson)