Pop Latino

Maddy Horn


Pop Latino is played by young Latin and Non-Latin people at parties, clubs, and concerts throughout the United States. Anyone can become a fan of this fun music, that no one can keep from dancing too.

History of Pop Latino

Pop Latino became popular in the United States when Selena released her album Dreaming of You in 1995. The genre's popularity sky rocketed with the connection between Latin and Non-Latin music creating a wide range of fans throughout the United States. It was regular pop music with rich latin culture entwined within the beat and lyrics. Now we listen to artists such as Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira perform Pop Latino music!
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Characteristics of Pop Latino

Pop Latino music has distinct characteristics in beat, language, and rhythm. Instruments that are used can be modern instruments and traditional instruments used throughout Latin history. These instruments include guitars, drums, keyboards, and multi-percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, and maracas. Social events that where you can here the music is parties and concerts where musicians many times wear bright colored and fun costumes. Below you can see three of the most famous Pop Latino artists such as Julio Iglesias, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez.

Pop Latino Connection to Dance

Dancing to Pop Latino can be freestyle, salsa, tango, even the flamenco. The only real characteristic of dancing to Pop Latino is high energy, fast, and fun. It is an exciting, up lifting, and high spirited form of music that can bring any type of fun dance to the floor.

Pop Latino Today!

Pop Latino music is associated with artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira today. It can be found throughout the United States especially in Miami and California. Anyone can enjoy it and this form of music has a bright future. New Pop Latino artist are rising to stardom each day. Now people through out the United States; as well the world can hear this wonderful form of music that brings fun pop and brilliant Latin culture together.


100. Shakira - Hips Don't Lie ft. Wyclef Jean by RAMOS C.