Cystic Fibroses

By: Ryan Donovan

About Cystic Fibroses

Cystic Fibroses is adisease that is inherited and affects the lungs and the digestive system of 30,000 children and adults in the United States and 70,000 worldwide. It's a defective gene and its protein causes the body to produce thick sticky mucus and clogs the lungs and can lead to life threatening lung infections. It also obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body's sorb and break down food.


  • very salty-tasting skin;
  • persistent coughing, at times with phlegm;
  • frequent lung infections;
  • wheezing or shortness of breatpoor growth/weight gain in spite of a good appetite; and
  • frequent greasy, bulky stools or difficulty in bowel movements.


    There is no cure for cystic fibrosis, but treatment can ease symptoms. some medications are Mucus-thinning drugs help you cough up the mucus, which improves lung function.Bronchodilators helps keep your airways open by relaxing the muscles around your bronchial tubes. Oral pancreatic enzymes help your digestive tract absorb nutrients